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My brother and I were both seen here. Beautiful comforting office! The staff are super friendly and professional. Amanda is great and super comforting. Dr. Ionescu is wonderful, professional, and very kind. He is also very honest and knowledgeable. The staff are clearly passionate for what they do. This is hands down, the best experience I have ever had with a dental clinic. I plan to bring more family here and I would highly recommend their care to anyone!
- B D

Invisalign Dentist in Thornton, CO.

Looking for an Invisalign dentist? Invisalign serves as an alternative to traditional braces. At Timber Dental Care , we provide Invisalign to straighten teeth discreetly for teenagers and adults as well. Invisalign treatment includes custom-made removable clear aligners that straighten teeth by gradually moving them and creating a corrected smile.

Clear, Removable Invisalign Braces in Thornton

Do you want a straighter, more pleasing teeth, but have no desire to have braces? There’s a way to achieve the smile you want without the wire and brackets. Invisalign plastic aligners will move your teeth to the right place discreetly and in the healthiest way possible. They’re available right here at Timber Dental Care!

Invisible Braces

When bacteria get into your gingival tissues, it can cause inflammation, bleeding, infection, and disease. Your teeth can loosen and fall out, and bone loss will follow.

Worn over your natural teeth, Invisalign clear, plastic trays are virtually unnoticeable. They are custom made using 3D imaging. Every two weeks or so, you’ll change to a new tray that will continue to guide your teeth in the right direction.

Multiple Dental and Health Benefits

There are multiple reasons to get orthodontic treatment, and most of them can be addressed with Invisalign. There are several benefits to your invisible braces aside from the end result of making it a great option to create a captivating smile.

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Timber Dental Care is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer a full suite of services, including breathtaking, customized smile makeovers.

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Rose Kombo

Last time I saw a dentist was for a tooth extraction. Dr. Andrei rejuvenated my faith in dentists. He made me comfortable and explained everything that was going on and what was needed to address the issues. Explained in detail how to avoid more damage and improve my oral health. Will not go to anyone else! A++++

Joel Bruiners

Dr. Andrei was super helpful and very friendly! After getting some X-rays and intra-oral photos done, he showed me and explained everything that he saw. He answered all my questions very professionally! He cares for his patients and makes sure that they are well taken care of. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is needing a great dentist! 🙂 Also he does an amazing job with crowns!

Jerry .Puffer

If your looking for a great dentist Dr. Andrei is the way to go! He explained everything very well and truly wants the best for you! Highly recommend him to all my friends and family!

Philip Flores

Wisdom tooth extraction that couldn’t have gone smoother. Almost zero pain and was incredibly impressed with the expertise in the office. All staff members were great and the follow up care was incredible. You have a patient for life.

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